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Teaching Philosophy

One of my favorite parts about teaching is the opportunity to mentor students. During my graduate career, I have mentored several undergraduate (NSF-REU) and high school students (NSF-RAHSS). In addition, I also have diverse teaching experience in classroom- and field-based courses, in addition to outreach courses. In general, I strive to create a learning environment that develops students' curiosity, emphasizes real-world applications, and promotes quantitative and critical thinking skills. Below, I highlight my mentoring and teaching experiences.


Auburn University research ponds Auburn University research ponds - Shell Fisheries Center
  Katie LeMay
(REU 2011) -
Katie won a Sigma XI GIAR
and is now a M.S. student
at Texas A&M, Corpus Christi. Checkout the findings from
her REU study in Water Research
Del Anderson
(REU 2011) -
Del won an undergrad research fellowship at AU and has been accepted to multiple vet schools. The results of his research should be in press soon!
Catfish production pond (summer 2011), with Peter Essick of National

See the National Geographic Story (none of our photos made the cut... but it was fun!)
  AU students sampling estuary for bass
Enrique Doster
(REU 2012) -
Enrique has published
several papers in the last
year and will be
attending the DVM/Ph.D program at Colorado
State beginning fall 2014!
Check out Enrique's cool paper in JZVM examining the threat of microcystins to zoo animals!

Southeastern Ecology and Evolution Conference
(SEC, 2012), where Katie, Del, Enrique, and others in the Wilsonlab presented our research.

Teaching and Outreach
Limnology - Auburn University

Building a light meter,
with Morton Reed
(Columbus Water Works)
Sampling AU Pond S1

  Nutrient limitation experiments
As part of all labs, I place
a large emphasis on
hypothesis testing, with students learning science
by conducting individual
and group projects

Freshwater Ecology - Can Tho University, Vietnam

Class photo

Bathymetry Lecture
  Montgomery Zoo - Water Quality Education
Poster Presentation at Zoo Day
Zoo Moat Water Quality Sampling