August 2, 2021

The lab has been publishing a bunch of interesting papers.  Congrats to all of the authors on these publications, especially the student authors!  Buley, R. P., A. Kelly, L. Roy, E. G. Fernandez-FigueroaM. GladfelterA. Belfiore, and A. E. Wilson. In press. Controlling Microcystis blooms in Alabama catfish aquaculture. Alabama Cooperative Extension Fact Sheet ANR-2757. 5pp. (Website)

Fernandez-Figueroa, E. G.A. P. Belfiore, and A. E. Wilson. 2021. Drones for monitoring “blue-greens” in catfish aquaculture ponds. Fish Farming News 2021(1):16-17. (PDF);

 Odom, S., H. Boso, S. Bowling, S. Cotner, C. Creech, A. G. Drake, S. Eddy, S. Fagbodun, S. Hebert, A. James, J. Just, J. R. St. Juliana, M. Shuster, S. Thompson, R. Whittington, B. Wills, A. Wilson, K. R. Zamudio, M. Zhong, and C. J. Ballen. In press. Meta-analysis of gender performance gaps in undergraduate natural science courses. CBE-Life Sciences Education (PDF)

Clark, A.B. Howell, A. E. Wilson, and T. Schwartz. In press. Draft genomes for one Microcystis-resistant and one Microcystis-sensitive strain of the water flea, Daphnia pulicariaG3 (PDF)

Buley, R. P.H. E. Correia, A. Abebe, T. B. Issa, and A. E. Wilson. 2021. Predicting microcystin occurrence in freshwater lakes and reservoirs: assessing environmental variables. Inland Waters 11(3):430-444. (PDF); Valle-Pombrol, A. A. Comas-Gonzalez, D. Castro-Rodriguez, A. Garcia-Moya, and A. E Wilson. 2021. Planktonic cyanobacteria from the Abreus Reservoir, Cienfuegos, Cuba. Pan-American Journal of Aquatic Sciences 16(1):20-29. (PDF)

Hyman, M., Q. Wang, A. E. Wilson, S. Adhikari, and B. T. Higgins. 2021. Production of Daphnia zooplankton on wastewater-grown algae for sustainable conversion of waste nutrients to fish feed. Journal of Cleaner Production  310:127501. (PDF)