November 7, 2022

Sarah Zohdy’s meta-analysis class group project has been published. Congrats to Jordan for leading a bunch of awesome students to get this paper out! This is our class’ 52nd paper. Wow! As a special bonus, I just heard Sarah on NPR discussing her CDC research about mosquitos.

Eckert, J., S. Oladipupo, Y. Wang, S. Jiang, V. Patel, B. McKenzie, N. Lobo, and S. Zohdy. In press. Which trap is best? Alternatives to outdoor human landing catches for malaria vector surveillance: a meta-analysis. Malaria Journal

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November 2, 2022

Alan has recently learned that he is the recipient of one of the highest honors available to faculty at Auburn University – The Gerald and Emily Leischuck Endowed Presidential Awards for Excellence in Teaching – which recognizes faculty who are effective teachers, advisors, and mentors. The College of Agriculture recently advertised the award, too. Cash was able to join me for a fancy lunch with Dr. Leischuck, AU President Chris Roberts, AU Provost Vini Nathan, and past recipients of the award. Fun event!

September 26, 2022

Jinhai’s class project has been published in Animal Nutrition! Congratulations, Jinhai. This is the 51st publication from my Meta-analysis class. Also, this is our fastest class project (May 2022) to publication (September 2022). Incredible!

Wang, J., A. E. Wilson, B. Su, and R. A. Dunham. In press. Functionality of dietary antimicrobial peptides in aquatic animal health: Multiple meta-analyses. Animal Nutrition