December 20, 2020

Hannah and Steve have published another paper from their meta-analysis class project!  Great job.  Correia, H. E., A. Abebe, and F. S. DobsonIn press. Multiple paternity and the number of offspring: A model reveals two major groups of species. BioEssays

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December 10, 2020

It has taken ten months (we are blaming covid), but we have a new lab shirt that incorporates War Algae!  Thanks to our friends at Stamp for helping finalize the design and print us some shirts.  If you want a shirt, send me your size and a good shipping address.

December 7

Gwendolyn just published her second meta-analysis!  This one focuses on two important threats to honey bees.  Nice job, Gwendolyn.  Bird, G., A. E. Wilson, G. R. Williams, and N. B. Hardy. In press. Parasites and pesticides act antagonistically on honey bee health. Journal of Applied Ecology

December 1

Nine faculty in the School of Fisheries, including me, were honored by the College of Agriculture for our grantsmanship.  Congratulations, everyone!